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            1. Mobile, AL

              Sabel Steel’s Service Center in Theodore, AL provides steel products to Ship & Boat builders, petro chemical plants, structural & plate fabricators and storage tank manufacturers in South Alabama, the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Florida Panhandle. Our CNC high definition plasma & automated saws provide quality parts to our customers with shorter lead times than our “Big Box” competitors.

              6051 Highway 90 West
              PO Box 88
              Theodore, Alabama 36590

              Local: 251-653-1911
              Toll Free: 800-824-6568
              Fax: 251-653-0808
              Email: mobile@sabelsteel.com

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              Customer Service Team

              • Brink Davis - Branch Manager
              • Jennifer Buker - Assistant Manager
              • Larry Grimes - Inside Sales
              • Bill Manley - Inside Sales
              • Kris Kupfer - Inside Sales
              • Mike Harrelson - Inside Sales
              • John McDonald - Outside Sales: 251-327-0146
              • Jimmy Kinsey - Outside Sales: 251-402-2499
              • Josh Shropshire - Operations Manager